Frequently Asked Questions

or just a few things to save you an email......

i'm a realtor, can i send you information on an amazing opportunity?

best not.  i'm not looking to expand. just yet. there is so much to do with one shop!

i'm a promotor, can i send you information on an amazing opportunity?

not at this time.  best of luck tho!  i do admire your drive.

i sell an amazing product perfect for your shop! want to try it?

absolutely!  send it our way.  i do like treats!  nom nom nom. i personally have celiac, so might not try it if it has gluten, but i have taste testers i trust for just such occasions.  i may use your product, i may not. finding the right fit for offerings is tough some times, ya know?

i want to film something in your space! can I?

write us in the "contact" section of the website.  then i'll send you a form to fill out and stuff.  

wait a minute... didn't there used to be a different coffee shop here?

there was totally another coffee shop in this space before me.  then the person who opened it moved far away, and i bought the space.  i even operated under the same name while i cleaned it up for a few months before officially becoming Odd Fox. Which can be super confusing, i know.