About the owner


My coffee story began in the local, independent coffee shops of Oregon in the 90s, where we hung out all day and after hours, looking to make friends the old fashioned way, as no one had internet on their phone. 

In New York, I spent 10 years running cafes big and small, opening locations for others, going to trade shows, consulting for a few companies, teaching, getting in a coffee farm visit or two, meeting amazing people and walking around as one of those coffee professionals with things like ‘Director of Coffee Education’ printed on company business cards.  

Eventually the time came to fully embrace my control issues and go into business for myself. While scouting locations to open a shop of my own, I came across a space in Greenpoint that had just become available.  And just four blocks from my apartment, no less!  So here I am.  

It is my hope you enjoy yourself whenever you step through the door of Odd Fox Coffee.  I sure do.