Frequently Asked Questions


what is your phone number?

we totally don't have one.  write into the "contact us" section on this website, or better yet, stop by!

are you open?

probably?  regular hours are posted on this website.  if it is a holiday, we will most likely be open, but with limited hours.  check instagram:  @odd_fox_coffee

do you have the thing i lost?

i don't know!  send a message in the "contact us" section with a description of what it was and when you lost it.  ill check.

are you a chain or a frainchise?

no, i am a real boy!  

we are a small independent coffee company with two locations.  so i guess a chain?  sounds weird to say but i guess that is technically what we are now.  but really, just a local brooklyn business trying to survive in this big crazy world.

hi, i am from VERIZON WIRELESS, i would like to upgrade you to Fios....


so are you ______?

yes, isn't it rather obvious?

a few more FAQs


or just a few things to save you an email......

Do you allow dogs?

No.  so sorry, i know your pup is super cute and well trained. however, NYC Health Department regulations do now allow animals in food service establishments. 

Of course trained Service Animals required because of a disability are allowed.  

Please be aware that under the Americans with Disabilities Act, "emotional support dogs" do not qualify as service animals under the law, and are specifically excluded by name in the ADA and are not allowed.  

i'm a realtor, can i send you information on an amazing opportunity?

oh geez you guys. y'all think i can afford a multi-million soho store front.  wrong tree you are barking up, my friend.

i'm a promoter, can i send you information on an amazing opportunity?

not at this time.  best of luck tho!  i do admire your drive.

i sell an amazing product perfect for your shop! want to try it?

absolutely!  send it our way.  i do like treats!  nom nom nom. i personally have celiac, so might not try it if it has gluten, but i have taste testers i trust for just such occasions.  i may use your product, i may not. finding the right fit for offerings is tough some times, ya know?

i want to film something in your space! can I?

write us in the "contact" section of the website.  then i'll send you a form to fill out and stuff.