coffee beans


Our coffee is roasted locally here in Brooklyn by our friends at Parlor Coffee. 

Parlor's approach is both fastidiously scientific and instinct-driven. Every one of the uniquely sweet coffees that has made its way into a bag bearing their label has been on a laborious journey beginning with the producer at origin and ending in the careful hands of the roaster.



The art of growing tea has developed over centuries; as with great wines it has been handed down through generations and varies according to region. 

Each year, In Pursuit of Tea spends time in these historic tea-growing regions in order to taste that year's harvest and select the best.



Ovenly is an award winning bakery and our neighbor here in Greenpoint.  They adventurously explore culinary traditions with an unexpected twist, thoughtfully melding sweet and savory with a touch of spice.  Our personal favorite is the pistachio cardamom bread.

We proudly offer a selection of Ovenly's unique treats.